Strengthen your defences – reenergize

Opening hours: daily from 2.00pm to 4.00pm family sauna
and from 4.00pm to 6.00pm only for adults

You kindly can use the sauna upon request and registration at the reception also in the morning and evening.

Daily guided sauna sessions or peelings

  • Finnish sauna 90 °C
  • bio arolla pine sauna 60 °C
  • steam bath 45 °C
  • tearoom
  • relaxation room with waterbeds

Recommendation to sauna sessions with children

Children under 16 years are allowed to use the sauna only if accompanied by a parent.
The first sauna sessions of children should not take longer than three minutes.
If your child is ok with the heat, you can gradually increase the time of the stay in the sauna, whereby two sauna sessions are enough.
For many children it is difficult to keep quiet in the sauna, but the sauna is a place of rest and
relaxation. We therefore ask all parents to indicate their children to be very quiet in this hotel area.
Some children do not like the hot air in the sauna. If a child does not feel well, he/she should be
allowed to leave the sauna immediately.
It does not work without drinking. When sweating not only water is lost, but also the electrolyte, so minerals and trace elements are lost. These need to be replaced after the sauna session.


  • Shower before entering the sauna
  • Use a towel to sit on in the sauna.
  • In the steam bath please hose the seat with the bladderwort.

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