Pampering & healing baths

With their diverse treatment options, the Spa bath Caracalla is underwater massage par excellence. The effleurage that gentle purging of muscles and connective tissue, starts the massage. In the subsequent underwater massage all body areas are treated.

Healing water bath

The healing water is suitable for application in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurological diseases,
after-treatment of fractures, burnings, sports injuries and chronic rheumatic diseases.

approx. 20 min € 32,00 

Alkaline bath

The alkaline bath salt is appreciated as real fountain of youth for body, skin and soul. By alkaline baths the person is getting gently relaxed and the natural function of the elimination of acids and toxics is supported.
The skin is getting soft and smooth.

approx. 20 min € 32,00 

Alpine herbs bath

Leave your everyday life behind, relax and release in the soothing herbal bath with wild herbs from the Heutal. The body regenerates better and faster. This is ensured by the essential oils contained in the herbs.

approx. 20 min € 32,00 

Whey-protein bath

For a naturally cared and a noticeably soft skin. The whey-protein bath contains valuable minerals, vitamins,
trace elements and proteins, which are nurturing for the skin. The natural pH-value of the skin is getting stabilised and the cell regenaration is supported. The soothing effect supports the resistance of the skin, without preservatives and perfumed add-ons.

approx. 20 min € 32,00 

"Exotic fruits"

This bath is refreshing, constructing and stimulating. 20 minutes is enough to start brisked and refreshed for the day.

approx. 20 min € 32,00