Full-body massage

Remove stress and do something good for your body.

approx. 50 min € 49,00

Back massage

Releases tensions in the neck, back and lumbar area. 

approx. 25 min € 29,00

Neck massage "hot roll"

Releases tensions in the neck and shoulder area.

approx. 25 min € 29,00

Manual lymph drainage

Through gentle skin displacement techniques, which are applied with light pressure, the performance of the lymph system is recovered. This highly effective decongestive therapy detoxifies and stimulates the immune system.

approx. 50 min € 49,00
approx. 25 min € 29,00 

Breuss massage

The Breuss massage is a gentle, genetic back massage with St. John‘s wort oil which releases mental and physical tensions and initiates the regeneration of undersupplied discs.

approx. 25 min € 29,00 

Foot reflexology

The special hand techniques of the foot reflexology on specified regions of the foot have and effect on the assigned organ and the whole organism. Specific thumbing leads to relaxation, pain relief and activates the self-healing potency.

approx. 25 min € 29,00 

Meridian brush massage

This energetic massage with natural hair brushes improves the blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens and tightens the connective tissue.

approx. 25 min € 29,00 

Lomi Lomi Nui

The „Haiwaiian temple massage“
The Lomi Lomi Nui massage is a holistic treatment method based on ancient healing knowledge of Polynesia. The aim of this massage is to loosen old tensions and current blockages that are often caused by stress
and painful experiences. It creates harmony and balance.

approx. 80 min € 88,00

Lever Lever energy point massage

„Lever“ comes from the French word meaning „take off“. This energy point massage with valuable, fragrant aroma oils response to the limbic systems, releases tensions and blockages in the body and supports the unhindered flow of energy.

approx. 80 min € 88,00

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is a fascinating combination of massage and energy work. The whole organism is re-energised, strengthened and harmonised.

approx. 50 min € 55,00

Aroma oil massage

Fragrant relaxing massage
High quality oils with different penetration depth are freshly mixed together. So every skin layer receives optimal care with traces and vitamins.

approx. 50 min € 55,00

Permanent Contour stamp massages

Constantly steamed stamp massage

These massages are a journey for body, mind and soul. Before the massage a special oil is applied, which is consistent with the particular active substance groups. In the interaction of relaxation and stamp massage, the individual body areas are gently massaged. So the active compounds can be selectively incorporated into deep layers of the skin.

Alpine herbs stamp massage

active substance: elder, ginger, peppermint, ivy, sweet clover and salt
stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolism and helps with muscle tensions.

approx. 50 min € 55,00

Wine marc stamp massage

This wine marc stam releases excess layers, prevents the premature aging of cells and refines the skin.

approx. 50 min € 55,00

Ayurasan treatments

The detoxifying and relaxing Ayurasan treatments connect the philosophy „Preventive Health Care“ by Gertraud Gruber with selected elements of the skin and body care by Ayurveda. The focus of the treatments for face and body are wonderfully relaxing meridian massages, warm Ayurvedic oil treatments, finely scented emulsions and fine, pure essences of medicinal plants. The treatments are characterized by a holistic anti-aging effect.

Ayurasan body

For inner peace and balance
The metabolism is activated and the body is peeled by the silk glove massage.
The subsequent massage with warm sesame oil has an detoxifying and relaxing effect.
The smoothing massage ends with the application of a nourishing body palm.

approx. 80 min € 88,00

Ayurasan head & face

For deep relaxation and inner harmony
Gentle head, face and décolleté massage with cold-pressed sesame oil and forehead.

approx. 60 min € 66,00

Ayurasan feet & legs

For balance and calming
This massage with warm sesame oil as well as the activation of the marma-points stimulates the metabolism and the detoxification. Finally a nourishing balm is applied.

approx. 40 min € 44,00

Ayurasan hand

For harmony and vitality
Has a strengthening effect on the whole body.

approx. 40 min € 44,00