Aloevera full-body peeling

Smoothing and relaxing

approx. 25 min with body balm € 28,00
approx. 50 min with full-body pack € 48,00 

Full-body peeling with Alpine herbst

Stimulating and vitalizing
A freshness boost for the skin - also during hot summer days. This wonderfully smelling peeling stimulates the blood circulation and removes efficiently dead skin cells.

approx. 25 min with body balm € 28,00
approx. 50 min with full-body pack € 48,00 

Aroma Derm Bandage Bodystyling

Smooth tissue and a perfect body shape

This treatment results in wrapping your body with bandages soaked in natural essences.Special creams and gels provide a visible treatment success. The applied aromatic oils and active ingredients allow an exact treatment of problem areas.

Bandage Bodystyling

approx. 60 min € 66,00 
Recommendation: 3 treatments à 60 min (per week) € 168,00 

Soft Pack System

Full-body treatments in an almost floating state, combined with pleasant warmth, soft lighting and nurturing oils and creams that act on the skin.

Skin nurturing packs

Evening primrose oil creme pack

Recommendable for neurodermatitis, psoriasis and extrem dry skin, has a cell structuring and cell renewing effect.

approx. 25 min € 32,00 

Creme pack with goat butter

Structuring care for more smoothsness, ideal for very dry and sensitive skin.

approx. 25 min € 32,00 

Purging packs

Thalasso algae pack

The high level of iodine and other algae components stimulates the metabolism and the circulation. This stimulates the removal of toxicities and waste products.

apprix. 25 min € 32,00 

Muscle relaxing packs

Mud pack

Our natural mud from Salzburg can be very versatile. It is effective for rheumatism and muscle tension.
It is antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and hormonally balancing.

approx. 25 min (back) € 28,00 
approx. 50 min (full-body) € 48,00

Hay pack

Through mild heat valuable ingredients of hay are able to develop their muscle-relaxing effect. „Pure nature“ with
the fragrant dried herbs and flowers of the „Heutal“ pastures.

approx. 25 min (back) € 28,00
approx. 50 min (full-body) € 48,00