Wellness for kids

The earlier people learn to relax, the better they can assess their body and deal with work pressure and hectic.


Fairy tale massage

Lukewarm oil is gently massaged into your muscles. You‘ll be amazed how relaxing and calming this massage is.

approx. 25 min € 25,00

Massage "chocolate tiger"

During this massage your muscles are gently massaged with a massage mousse of white chocolate.

approx. 25 min € 25,00

Hot stone massage for kids

The hot stone massage is super relaxing and charges you with new energy.

approx. 25 min € 28,00

Hamam for Aladdins and Ginis

Funny soap massage for the entire body.

approx. 45 min € 48,00

Baby massage

Massage with almond oil for inner balance and restful sleep.

approx. 25 min € 25,00

Facial treatments

Facial care for teens

Against first skin impurities
Your skin is getting cleansed, peeled, vaporized and skin impurities are getting removed. Afterwards your skin can relax during a lymph drainage or a pleasant facial massage.

approx. 50 min € 48,00 

Chocolate facial mask

This mask of tasty milk chocolate cares and spoils your skin. The fragrance of the cocoa bean increases the happiness and gives you an intense wellbeing.

approx. 15 min € 15,00

Pampered hands & feet

Manicure "Struwwelpeter"

Your nails are filed and polished, afterwards hands are massaged or chic painte

approx. 30 min € 28,00

Pedicure "Cinderella"

Your feet are bathed in a foam, nails are filed and polished, afterwards feet are massaged or chic painted

approx. 30 min € 28,00